Queer ADHD is a new ADHD coaching practice and resource center for the LGBTQIA+ community with services provided by Sarah Dopp. Our goal is to address the growing need for ADHD support in the queer, nonbinary, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and asexual communities—along with the rest of our alphabet identities. Our practice is starting small, and we’ll ramp up services throughout 2021.

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What’s New?

Queer ADHD Group Sessions

We’re excited to offer Queer ADHD Group Sessions! 

These sessions are designed to help queer ADHD folks work with—instead of fight against—the particular needs of our ADHD brains. We’ll combine guided education with powerful coaching questions, peer support, and skill sharing to help you discover a new perspective and an endless supply of clever ideas in a queer community environment.

Recent Articles

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Feb 2021 Update: So Much Yes!

I started my ADHD coaching program, I started accepting clients, and I launched a website under a new a business name: Queer ADHD. Each one of those is a massive step forward.

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Interested in ADHD Coaching?

Group Coaching

We are currently accepting new members for our Group Sessions program. Find out more!

Groups for Therapists

Are you a queer-identified therapist or other mental health clinician seeking support for your own ADHD, but have special considerations for confidentiality within the queer community? We want to help support you while you’re supporting everyone else, so we’ve created a Queer ADHD group program that is exclusively for you. Find out more. 

Individual Coaching

Our limited seats for individual coaching are currently full. If you’d like to be contacted when we have openings available, please join our Individual Coaching Wait List.

For intense or urgent ADHD challenges, we encourage you to find an ADHD coach with immediate availability. There are ADHD coach directories at The ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA), ADDitude Magazine, and The ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO)

We look forward to working with you!