Queer ADHD is an ADHD coaching practice and resource center for the LGBTQIA+ community founded by Sarah Dopp. Our goal is to address the growing need for ADHD support in the queer, nonbinary, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and asexual communities—along with the rest of our alphabet identities.

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Program Updates: Aug/Sept 2021 

We’re excited to announce the following program changes: 

NEW! Group Coaching Membership

Join a group of 4-6 people and meet weekly with a professional ADHD Coach. Register now! 

Community Sessions

Previously called Group Sessions, we’ve updated these sessions to run longer and accommodate more people. Find out more!

Upcoming Community Sessions

Queer ADHD Community Sessions are weekly gatherings over Zoom. They’re designed to help support our ADHD brains through learning, sharing, and connection in a queer community space. The sessions are warm, supportive, practical, and full of beautiful queer folks. 

September 22

Organizing Our Digital Lives
Technology is for supporting our lives, not derailing it! Let’s look at ADHD-friendly ways to wrangle our inboxes, browser tabs, passwords, social media, and mobile apps.

Speaker: Sarah Dopp
Dylan Marie Alter

September 29

Situational Awareness
What is happening and what am I supposed to be doing? Why is everyone else wearing shoes? This week we’ll learn some strategies to prepare ourselves for the expected and the unexpected, talk about awkward social situations, and take a look at personal safety.

Speaker: Lou Rogers
Dylan Marie Alter

October 6

Relationships — Focus on Friendships
It’s not easy to make new friends as an adult, and keeping them can be a challenge for those of us with ADHD. Why do we sometimes feel friendless despite having nice humans in our contact list? How can we cope with anxiety around communication or guilt around falling out of touch? Let’s talk about how we can grow and maintain fun, fulfilling, platonic relationships, and how to be a good friend to others.

Speaker: Lou Rogers
Dylan Marie Alter

October 13

Community Check-In
Unstructured and open space is important for ADHD brains! It’s where we get to rest, play, and process. We’re holding a space for you to bring whatever is up for you to talk about, share your queer ADHD experience, get and offer support, and build community.

Hosts: Dylan Marie Alter, Sarah Dopp

October 20

We may have endless kindness, patience, and support for friends, but do we also offer that compassion to ourselves? Berating ourselves into self-acceptance does not work. Let’s talk about why self-compassion is important and how to update our inner voice.

Speaker: Sarah Dopp
Dylan Marie Alter

October 27

Cognitive Reframing — A Multi-Tool for Solutions
Cognitive reframing is a powerful tool that can be used to shift seemingly insurmountable problems into opportunities, and frustrations into play. We’ll discuss and practice how to use reframing, why queer people with ADHD have some unique reframing skillsets, and how to avoid harmful pitfalls like bypassing or gaslighting.

Speaker: Dylan Marie Alter
Sarah Dopp


* We offer a limited number of seats at self-defined rates to those who find this price inaccessible, no questions asked. Contact us with a rate that would work for you.

Session Times

Community Sessions take place at two different times (for time zone accessibility) each week.

  • Every Wednesday at 10-11:30am Pacific // 1-2:30pm Eastern // 6-7:30pm London
  • Every Wednesday at 5-6:30pm Pacific // 8-9:30pm Eastern // 10-11:30am (Thurs) Sydney

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