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Queer ADHD is working to represent the queer community’s experience of ADHD in our blog, social media, and other related content. We invite you to use the form below to share your personal experiences of ADHD. This will allow us to quote your experiences in our content, and help others feel less alone.

You can share with us anything that’s on your mind, OR you can speak directly to our current topics (which we’re updating on a regular basis—check back every week!).

Current Topics

1) Body Doubling

“A body double is someone who sits with a person with ADHD while they perform tasks that are difficult to accomplish alone.” —Patricia Quinn, MD

How have you used body doubling as a strategy? What tasks has it helped the most?

2) Energy Boosters

When you notice your focus or energy is starting to fade, what activities help you refresh your energy?

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