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Our Queer ADHD community is a creative, supportive, inspiring, and hella queer environment for learning and caring about our fabulously shiny ADHD brains. Learn more about our membership options and join us in the ways that are best for you! 

Come join us if you’re trying to…

Get Unstuck

Overwhelmed with a task list? Paralyzed by perfectionism? Tired of playing out a frustrating pattern over and over again? We’ll dig into why this isn’t about “not trying hard enough,” and help you find the next step or a new approach.

Level Up Your ADHD Knowledge and Skills

Between the guidance of our ADHD coaches and the experiences shared by other members, you’ll pick up plenty of ideas and perspective shifts to experiment with. Test them out at your own pace, and find out what best fits each need in each moment.

Be Nicer to Yourself

It’s not just you. Negative self-talk is a huge issue for pretty much everyone with ADHD. But when we better understand our brain wiring, it gets easier to respond to ourselves with compassion and understanding.

Fall Back in Love with Your Passions and Superpowers

Here’s the thing about ADHD: interest and enjoyment are not luxuries—they are basic requirements for our brains to function. We’ll help you tap back into your particular strengths, your joy, and your sense of purpose.

Feel Seen, Heard, Connected, and Supported

Queer community is a magical thing. We’re here to normalize our ADHD struggles, cheer for each other’s breakthroughs, and drum up creative ideas together. You will find the humans here, and we will witness your growth with you.

Membership News

The Hub is Open!

We’re thrilled to announce that our members-only discussion space — the Queer ADHD Members Hub — is active (and the conversations are wonderful)! Choose the Membership that works for you and then look for your invitation to access the Hub.

Virtual Co-working Now Available!

We’re now offering our Co-Work Cafe for members only. These are Zoom-based work sessions (cameras on, mics off), to create the magical effect of “body doubling,” which helps us all tackle the tasks we’ve been avoiding. Check our Members Hub for the current schedule. 

Coaching+ Intakes Temporarily Paused

We have temporarily paused new intakes to our Coaching+ Membership. In the meantime, we encourage you to join our Community Membership (our community is amazing!). If you’d rather wait, you can also contact us to let us know you’re excited about our group coaching program. Either way, we’ll notify you when seats are ready. 

Last updated Feb 24, 2022

Membership Options

Coaching+ Membership intakes are temporarily paused. More details here.


ADHD Education and Support in Queer Spaces
$ 85 Monthly
  • Unlimited Access to Community Sessions
  • Private Discussion Space
  • Members-Only Events


Professional ADHD Coaching in Small Groups
$ 250 Monthly
  • Placement in an ADHD Coaching Group
  • Unlimited Access to Community Sessions
  • All Community membership benefits included

Here are our current options and policies for financial accessibility:

Community Membership: Our prices are based on the costs of running our programs (we believe in sustainable pay for our team!) and the market value of our services. If these prices are too high for you to be able to join us, however, please contact us to discuss a price that would work for you.

Coaching+ Membership: We reserve a limited number of our group coaching seats for those who find our pricing inaccessible, and we work with them to define a price that works for their budget. Please contact us to ask about current availability for these seats, or to join a wait list.

Skill Trades: If you have skills and experience in areas we might need help with (such as content, social media, community management, project management, technology, and so on) and if you have time in your schedule for new commitments, you’re welcome reach out to us to discuss ideas for a possible trade agreement. 

Drop-In Rates: If a membership feels like more than you need, consider joining our Community Sessions on your own schedule as a drop-in. Our drop-in rates are USD $25 per session, and if that feels inaccessible, please contact us to discuss a price that would work for you. To register as a drop-in, select your dates here.

Free Resources: We also share free educational and supportive content through our articles and our social media feeds on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Our social media comments can also be a great space for connecting and finding support.  

Yes—and please do! 

Our Community Sessions are drop-in friendly (for USD $25 per session—and you can contact us for more options if that price isn’t accessible for you). Come to a few sessions and see if we feel right for you!

Queer ADHD does not offer individual coaching, but we are proud to support the ADHD coaches who are emerging in our queer community. Check out our Find a Coach page to find a coach that’s right for you!  

Important: All members agree to abide by our Community Guidelines and Member Agreement.

Is Queer ADHD the right fit for you?

Our programs are exclusively designed for LGBTQIA+ adults with ADHD

Who We Serve

Queer ADHD’s programs are for LGBTQIA+ adults with ADHD.

This means all of our members… 

  • Have (or suspect they have) ADHD
  • Identify as queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, nonbinary, two-spirit, gender non-conforming, asexual, intersex, or otherwise LGBTQIA+
  • Are at least 18 years old 

“But what about…?”

Only you can determine your identities. We do not require an ADHD diagnosis, and we do not gatekeep who is “queer enough.” We also welcome folks who are newly exploring whether these labels feel right for them. However, if you are under 18, if you don’t think you have ADHD, or if you don’t identify as queer or LGBTQIA+, we ask that you not register for our programs. Thank you for respecting and supporting our spaces in this way.

  • Although we are based in the US (California), we welcome members from anywhere in the world.
  • Our services are provided in English only at this time.
  • In order to participate, you will need access to the Internet and Zoom.
  • We enable transcripts, subtitles, and chat in Zoom, and it’s ok to limit your engagement to text only.
  • We strive to be inclusive and trauma-informed; however, we cannot promise to be a “safe space.” It is your responsibility to care for your emotional well-being in our groups and community.
  • If any part of our process creates a barrier for your participation, please contact us about what accommodations would allow you to join. We may be limited in what we can offer depending on our current resources, but we are deeply committed to investing in the accessibility of our programs as we grow.

Queer ADHD is not a great fit for…

Folks with other mental health challenges who have not yet found individual support

If you are also dealing with unsupported depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other mental health issues that interfere your ability to focus, we ask that you build a one-on-one relationship with a therapist (or commit to another healing modality) before you join Queer ADHD. Our membership can supplement your work with a therapist, but it will not be sufficient on its own. There are LGBTQIA+ therapist directories at Therapy for QPoC, Inclusive Therapists, Gaylesta, and Psychology Today.

People who prefer to say “All Lives Matter” in response to Black Lives Matter

If this describes you, please invest more time in learning about unconscious bias and institutional oppression before considering our offerings. Queer culture is a social justice culture.

Anyone who seeks to exclude trans women from “women-only” spaces.

Trans women are women, and we are passionately trans inclusive and affirming.

Why become a Queer ADHD
Community Member?

Connection, Education, and Support

About the Community Membership

As a Queer ADHD Member, you’ll have access to

  • As many Community Sessions as you want to attend (a $100-$125 monthly value)
  • The Queer ADHD Members Hub, our online private discussion space
  • Virtual co-working spaces 
  • Members-only events (coming soon)

This is just the beginning, though. We plan to keep adding more resources that help provide connection, education, and support for our ADHD through queer spaces. Members not only have access to these resources as soon as they become available (at no additional cost)‚ they also have opportunities to make suggestions and provide feedback as we design these offerings collaboratively. 

About Community Sessions

Queer ADHD Community Sessions are weekly community gatherings that provide ADHD education, discussion, and support in a queer space over Zoom.

The Details

  • Sessions are 90 min each and take place over Zoom
  • Dates & Times: Two time slots every Wednesday (for time zone accessibility):
    • 10-11:30am Pacific // 1-2:30pm Eastern // 6-7:30pm London
    • 5-6:30pm Pacific // 8-9:30pm Eastern // 10-11:30am (Thurs) Sydney
  • Upcoming Sessions: See our homepage for our schedule of speakers and topics
  • Drop-In Rate: USD $25 per session for non-members

How to Get Access

  • For Drop-Ins: Visit the Community Session Registration Page, select your dates, and proceed to payment. 
  • For Members:
    • Option 1: Tell us your preferred time slot when you sign up for the membership, and we’ll automatically register you each week. (You can contact us to change your preference anytime.)
    • Option 2: Go to the Community Session Registration Page and select the sessions you want to attend. Enter your unique code in the “‘Redeem Coupon” field to gain access. 

What Happens in a Community Session?

It varies! We like to mix things up and experiment, but a typical format looks something like this:

1) Introduction

The Host will give an overview of what to expect during the session. Then, depending on the number of people attending, we may invite members to briefly introduce themselves (but it’s always fine to opt out). 

2) Education

A Staff or Guest Speaker will share information about a specific ADHD topic (see our Schedule for topics), offering tips, strategies, and questions to help you think more deeply about your own experience. We usually spend about 15 minutes on this material before shifting to… 

3) Song Break!

We know 90 minutes is a lot for a group with ADHD, so we’ve built in a short break to move our bodies, grab some water and a snack, and give our brains a minute to recharge. Then we all come back for… 

4) Discussion

Together, we’ll explore how the week’s theme applies to our lives—or whatever topics are most pressing for folks—through a facilitated discussion, which may vary in format. Sharing is always optional—just say “pass” if you want to opt out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! We strive to use Zoom in ways that support connection and comfort while minimizing distractions. Here’s how we do that: 

  • We rename ourselves to display our names and pronouns 
  • We mute when not speaking
  • Cameras are optional. We encourage you to leave your camera on to support our experience of connection, but you can also leave it off (or temporarily turn it off) for any reason at any time, no explanation needed.
  • If your camera will be showing a lot of movement—like when you’re walking with your device, or visibly stimming (which we totally support you doing!)—we ask that you turn it off temporarily to reduce distractions to others.
  • Live Transcript and Subtitles are enabled for accessibility (and you can turn them on or off)
  • Chat is used freely to support the discussion, and can be saved
  • We don’t record our sessions (and you may not record them either)

No, we do not offer any forms of therapy at Queer ADHD. This boundary is very important to us for ethical and legal reasons, so we want to be as clear as possible about it.

Specifically, we ask that you not use your time with us to…

  • process past traumatic events 
  • work on mental health challenges that are unrelated to ADHD
  • work on persistent mood challenges that are not responding to typical ADHD-related strategies

If painful events from your past are impacting your life, or if you have persistent mood challenges that are not responding to ADHD guidance, we strongly encourage you to work with a therapist. Queer ADHD can supplement your healing work in therapy with education and support, but we cannot provide that service to you. 

If you’re a member, it’s no big deal—people come and go as they wish, and you don’t need to tell us when you’re missing a session.  We don’t refund membership fees for missed sessions, though, so if you’re not expecting to attend regularly, you might want to stick with our drop-in rates for now. (We’ll be adding more offerings to our membership in the coming months, so check back with us!)  

If you’re a drop-in, you can cancel (and get a refund) or reschedule (and move your seat to a different date) until about an hour before the session begins by using the Cancel or Reschedule links in your confirmation email. Refunds may take us a few days to process. If you have any questions or issues, just contact us

With Group Coaching, you are placed in a small group of peers who meet every week with an ADHD coach over Zoom. You commit to attending this group regularly for as long as you wish to be a member of it. A professional ADHD coach and your fellow group members will be with you every step of the way, getting to know you, helping you define the changes and experiments you want to explore, and cheering you on. This option is only available to Coaching+ Members. 

With Community Sessions, you’ll join larger gatherings over Zoom to learn and grow in a community atmosphere. (Trust us, it is seriously affirming and exciting to see a whole bunch of beautiful queer ADHD folks all in one place!) You’re welcome to join us whenever your schedule allows, and you can expect to see a different mix of people each week. These sessions are available to all Queer ADHD Members, and non-members can drop in as well. 

You are welcome to cancel your membership at any time, and we will refund you a prorated amount for remaining time in your current billing period. You can also rejoin at any time. To cancel, contact us

If you would like to switch to a different membership type, just contact us and we’ll take care of it for you. 

Join Our Community

We’re here to support you!

Why choose the Queer ADHD
Coaching+ Membership?

Connection, Education, Support, and Coaching

About the Coaching+ Membership

* * *

Coaching+ Membership intakes are temporarily paused. (More details here)

* * *

When you become a Queer ADHD Coaching+ Member, you are placed in a small group (up to 6 people) for weekly coaching with an ADHD coach. These groups combine the benefits of professional ADHD Coaching with the value of being in a close-knit group of peers who really get what you’re dealing with. (And yes, everyone will be queer—including the coaches.)

Group Coaching can help you…

  • Clarify what’s important to you and what you most want to improve in your life
  • Move toward your desired changes with ADHD-friendly strategies
  • Continually bring your attention back to what helps you and what works for you
  • Understand how your brain is wired and what helps it thrive
  • Strengthen your self-confidence and reduce your negative self-talk
  • Cultivate what energizes you and what brings you joy
  • Improve how you manage impulsivity, hyperactivity, and emotional dysregulation
  • Upgrade your spaces, systems, and routines to bring you more support and ease
  • Feel seen, heard, understood, witnessed, and accepted
  • Celebrate your successes!

The Details

  • Membership includes… 
    • Placement in a group of up to 6 people for ADHD coaching
      • Group meets with a professional ADHD coach
      • Sessions are 75 min and take place over Zoom at the same time each week
    • Plus: Everything in our Community Membership is also yours, which means unlimited access to Community Sessions and our online private discussion space

Frequently Asked Questions

Every group’s goal is to ensure you… 

A) Receive professional ADHD coaching on the topics that matter most to you

B) Have the opportunity to learn through witnessing your fellow group members as they are also coached

The format of sessions will vary depending on the style of the coach and the dynamics of the group. As an example, a session might look something like this: 

  • Check-In: Everyone checks in briefly by sharing something they’ve done recently that they were proud of.
  • Topic: The coach spends a few minutes introducing an ADHD-related topic to guide the session.
  • Centering Members: Members take turns (for 10-20min each) discussing a specific issue in their life they are working on. During this time…
    • The coach asks thought-provoking questions and offers reflections. These help the member discover what’s important to them about the situation, and what they might like to do about it.
    • Depending on the dynamics of the group and the wishes of the centered member, other members may also offer questions, ideas, or shared experiences.
    • The member shares what their main takeaways are from this coaching conversation, and what actions they intend to try out before the next session. 

Some groups may choose to split the time between all members every week, while others might choose to center half of its members at a time (on alternating weeks) to create space for a deeper dives. Some may manage time carefully, while others may allow for a more organic discussion. Regardless, the results are the same: an empowering exploration of what’s most important to you, and a deeply inspiring learning experience from the stories and progress of others. 

When you register, we’ll ask you a series of questions about your schedule availability, your ADHD challenges, and your queer identities. We’ll then place you in a group that fits best, and let you know when your start date is.

Schedule availability is usually the biggest factor for this, but whenever we can, we also try to match group members based on other similarities.

The group you join might be new, or it may have been running for awhile. Members are welcome to join or leave a group at whatever moment feels right for them, so you can expect your group to change over time.

Queer ADHD does not provide any forms of therapy. This boundary is important to us for ethical and legal reasons, so we want to be as clear as possible about it. 

Therapy differs from coaching by centering your healing. Therapy can be highly effective for healing old wounds, processing trauma, and making sense of our past to relieve the pain it is causing us in our lives. If painful events from your past are impacting your life, or if you have persistent mood challenges that are not responding to typical ADHD guidance, we recommend you make progress in therapy or other healing methods before investing in coaching. 

Coaching is an equal partnership that helps you clarify and move toward your goals by focusing on your present and your future. We’ll focus on your strengths and capabilities, help you identify changes you’d like to experiment with, and encourage you to assess what truly works best for you. Since Queer ADHD does not provide therapy, we ask that you not use your time with us to process past traumatic events or work on mental health challenges unrelated to ADHD. 

ADHD Coaching combines the principles of life coaching with expertise in how the ADHD mind operates. We have no interest in helping you act “more neurotypical” — we want you to feel supported and confident as your authentic self. 

You can skip sessions at your own discretion; however, please be thoughtful about the impact this has on the group, and do your best to keep your group and coach informed. We are not able to offer refunds for missed sessions—even ones planned in advance—because your seat in the group is reserved solely for you. 

If your coach is unavailable (e.g., vacation or sickness), we will do our best to bring in an alternate coach so your group can continue to meet. If we are unable to do this, we will cancel the session and refund you a prorated amount from your monthly membership fee. 

Holiday policy: We know support can be particularly valuable around the holidays, so we do not currently have any planned holiday closures. However, since we do cancel groups when our coaches are unavailable, planned cancellations might be more likely to happen on major holidays. We will strive to inform you in advance. 

Groups may be coached Sarah Dopp, who founded Queer ADHD,  Lou Rogers, who brings a transgender perspective, or Noor Wise, who is an experienced coach with specialties in relationships and neurodivergence. 

We are continually expanding our team of qualified coaches to represent our community. 

Yes, if your group time slot or group dynamic aren’t working well for you, just check in with us about what other time slots are currently available, and we’ll move you if there’s an option that meets your needs. 

Your group will rely on you to show up to your scheduled sessions, be intentional about the improvements you want to see in your life, and encourage your fellow members. Please review and adhere to our Community Guidelines,

You are welcome to cancel your membership at any time, and we will refund you a prorated amount for the unused sessions remaining in your month. You can also rejoin at any time; however, we can’t guarantee that you will be placed in the same group you had before. To cancel, contact us.

If you would like to switch to a different membership type, just contact us and we’ll take care of it for you. 

We will automatically charge your payment method once a month. After you give us a deposit to hold your seat, we will adjust your billing date based on the first day of your session, and it will continue monthly from there. 

What else are we working on?

Did we mention we have ADHD? That means we have a thousand ideas!

We're idea-generators and experimenters, so we're just going to embrace that. As we come up with new ideas for members-only events and content, we'll test them out together. Come along for the ride, and tell us which of our harebrained schemes you think we should keep! 

Ready to Join?

We’re so excited to help support your shiny, beautiful queer brain!

Become a Queer ADHD Member

Coaching+ Membership intakes are temporarily paused. (More details here)


ADHD Education and Support in Queer Spaces
$ 85 Monthly
  • Unlimited Access to Community Sessions
  • Private Discussion Space
  • [Coming Soon] Members-Only Events


Professional ADHD Coaching in Small Groups
$ 250 Monthly
  • Placement in an ADHD Coaching Group
  • Unlimited Access to Community Sessions
  • All Community Membership benefits included

Important: All members agree to abide by our Community Guidelines and Member Agreement.