All of Queer ADHD’s programs are open to LGBTQIA+ adults with ADHD who live anywhere in the world.

Our Programs

➤ Group Coaching Membership

4-6 person groups that meet weekly with a professional ADHD coach

➤ Community Sessions

Larger gatherings with topics, speakers, and community discussion

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Questions and answers about our programs and policies.

➤ Community Guidelines

Guidelines that we ask all members to abide by for all of our group-based programs.

Tip: Looking for individual support? Check our Resources page for suggestions.

Group Coaching Membership

Group Coaching combines the benefits of professional ADHD Coaching with the value of being in a close-knit group of peers who really get what you’re dealing with. 

Group Coaching can help you…

  • Clarify what’s important to you and what you most want to improve in your life
  • Move toward your desired changes with ADHD-friendly strategies
  • Continually bring your attention back to what helps you and what works for you
  • Understand how your brain is wired and what helps it thrive
  • Strengthen your self-confidence and reduce your negative self-talk
  • Cultivate what energizes you and what brings you joy
  • Improve how you manage impulsivity, hyperactivity, and emotional dysregulation
  • Upgrade your spaces, systems, and routines to bring you more support and ease
  • Feel seen, heard, understood, witnessed, and accepted 
  • Celebrate your successes!

The Details

  • Membership includes… 
    • Placement in a 4–6 person group of peers for coaching
      • Group meets with a professional ADHD coach 
      • 75 min Zoom sessions at the same time every week
    • Bonus: Free access to our Community Sessions
  • Pricing: USD $250/month
    • Limited seats are available at self-defined rates for those who find this price inaccessible. Contact us for more details. 
  • Policies & Agreements

Community Sessions

As of September 2021, we’ve replaced our Group Sessions program with Community Sessions! These are larger gatherings over Zoom, aimed at supporting our ADHD in a queer community space through learning, sharing, and connection. 

The Details

  • When 
    • Every Wednesday
    • Sessions are 90 minutes each
    • Two time slots available (for time zone accessibility):
      • 10-11:30am Pacific // 1-2:30pm Eastern // 6-7:30pm London
      • 5-6:30pm Pacific // 8-9:30pm Eastern // 10-11:30am (Thurs) Sydney
  • Where
    • Sessions take place over Zoom.
    • You’ll receive the Zoom link via email when you register.
  • Who 
    • Open to adults (18+) anywhere in the world who
      • self-identify as LGBTQIA+
      • have or suspect they have ADHD (diagnosis not required)
    • Note: We don’t limit the number of attendees, so group sizes will vary by week.
  • Price 
    • USD $25 per session*
    • Group Coaching Members attend free! 

* We offer a limited number of seats at self-defined rates to those who find this price inaccessible, no questions asked. Contact us with a rate that would work for you. 

What Happens in a Community Session? 

It varies! However, a typical format might look something like this:

1) Introduction
The Host will give an overview of what to expect during the session, and then will invite members to briefly introduce themselves. 

2) Education
A Staff or Guest Speaker will briefly share information about a specific ADHD topic (see our Schedule for topics), then offer tips, strategies, and questions to help you think more deeply about your own experience. 

3) Discussion
Together, we’ll explore how the week’s theme applies to our lives—or whatever topics are most pressing for folks—through a facilitated discussion, which may vary in format. Sharing is always optional—just say “pass” if you need to opt out. 

Heads Up: We’re still experimenting! 

We may test out a mix of staff speakers, guest speakers, community member speakers, and sessions without speakers. We’re also exploring various ways we can use our time best for connection, education, sharing, learning, showcasing great info, generating ideas, and spotlighting our community wisdom. The frequency and length of sessions may also change as we learn more. 

No matter what we experiment with, however, we’ll always focus on supporting our ADHD in a queer community space through learning, sharing, and connection. 

How We Use Zoom 

  • We rename ourselves to display our names and pronouns 
  • We mute when not speaking
  • We encourage you to leave your camera on (except when it’s showing movement that would distract others), but you can also turn it off for any reason — your choice.
  • Live Transcript and Subtitles are enabled for accessibility (and you can turn them on or off)
  • Chat is used freely to support the discussion, and can be saved
  • We don’t record our sessions (and you may not record them either)

Policies & Agreements